Grandmother’s words of wisdom

This picture that you see here was taken day before yesterday not because I thought it to be an aesthetic click or something but only because I was struck by my grandmother’s noteworthy thoughts after she saw this tree. So, while my grandmother and I were strolling in the nearby locality (just as every other day) in the evening, her eyes caught attention of this tree as she stopped and called my name ( I was few steps ahead of her) I turned back and she smiled and asked me if I could invoke some kind of ideas while seeing this tree. I stayed there confused, still trying to decipher my grandmother’s foresight. “Can you see those incised marks?” she asked, it seems someone already did more than half the damage and that one could’ve well conveniently taken that down. Yet, it outlived. Despite of the fact that it could’ve collapsed easily with a single blow or two, it persist in to grow and glow.
Well, to be honest that day I kept on pondering upon those words not because I was amazed by my grandmother’s cerebration (she has this in her, she could make ordinary look extraordinary) but because I could very much relate to it.
The demise of my grandfather last year made our family emotionally weak and we still are coping up with that loss. My grandmother since then has become weaker than ever before and I see her aging at a faster rate. Post this incident I have built a home inside me, a home for feelings like fear and anxiety. I would wake up in the middle of night just to hear my grandmother breathing. Then followed by the series of negative and feared thoughts, I would sit there sometimes crying or praying or panicking. The anxiety in my brain would scream so loud to a level where I fail to hear my young heart beating not realizing I’m lost and heavily breathing and my heart competing with the pace of my breath so as to who’s going to do the most ruin. And this fear has no restrictions, no limitations. I would keep staring at the clock when it strikes 5 everyday (the time when my parents are home from work) and a delay of more than even 10 minutes would stir up the anxiety inside me. 
I wasn’t this same person before last year. I was carefree, the only fear I knew was from lizards, didn’t know what anxiety looked like. And I still don’t believe that I’ve to deal with it so often now.
But then today when I see the picture of this tree I realize no matter how much damage life offers you, if you’re still standing there you definitely have scope to grow and glow ( quoting my grandmother).
And as I recall the words of Norman Cousins, “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
Don’t let the positivity and your will to survive die so easily. These two are the key ingredients for the recipe called life. Whatever can happen will happen there’s no point to live that fear in present. Remember, just grow and glow. Period.

Ten rupees.

Sunday morning and we woke up early, got ready as we were to go to the nearby market for mangoes. The weather looked stormy up ahead and we drove right into it. 
So this market was not the usual place one would like to visit. Normally, you’d find fruit vendors here or people who purchase fruit stock in bulk. Well, the best part about this market was that one could get almost every variety of mangoes. Every year my father send these delicacies to our near relatives and this was the first time I accompanied him. I choose to sit back in the car and my dad was to go shop for fresh mangoes.
While I was sitting in the car listening to a pop number which was released a day ago, to my right, I saw a little dark crowded corner where the black smoke could be seen dancing in the early daylight. However, the smell coming out from that corner tattered on the people around and even the flies begged for the clearance in the vicinity.
It was a food stall, of course, but it took me a while to finally see that they were selling ‘chole bhature’ ( spicy curried chickpeas (chole) and puffy fried white-flour bread). The stall was merely made of shacks covered with a flimsy tin shelter, inside of which it only could let two people at a time, one of whom was making the bread and the other was busy plating it onto disposable plates. I could see that the latter was worried about the weather as he, time to time looked up in the sky as if asking the weather to be nice. The angry winds were still pounding the tin shelter repeatedly. The other man, however, didn’t care about it much as he knew he had customers lined up ahead of him and he sure wanted to make money as fast as he could. 
Among the giant crowd that hovered the stall, there was a kid, he must be 6 or 7 years of age. The little one looked hesitant and shy to ask for his order, he looked here and there and after few more minutes of struggling, he finally managed to get the bread maker’s attention and there came his plate of happiness.
He meekly picked it up and came to the other side of the place. I saw him eating his first bite of bread which was large for his small mouth but not larger enough than his hunger, I guess. He began to satiate his hunger and suddenly I saw the same street food vendor rushing towards the kid abusing him all along. And then what I saw shook my entire self and send a chill down my spine. The big man grabbed that little boy from his back and gave him a smack so hard that the poor kid threw up what he still had in his mouth. I immediately came out of the car and shouted at the man asking what was he doing to the kid to which he replied that the boy didn’t pay for his meal and that he needed his amount of 10 rupees from that boy.
I looked at the kid and his mercy-begging eyes were cornering me. I could well easily comprehend his dire necessity at that time. I took a 10 rupee note from the car and gave it to the man and asked the boy if he wanted to eat more. The boy timidly shook his head and in no time sat down to eat from where he left. I went back to my car with the thought that stimulated inside my head that is this my country, where I sometimes don’t value spending a 10 rupee note, and that the same 10 rupee note could buy someone’s food for the rest of the day? This incident has left a mark on my conscience. We spend so much on our materialistic luxuries of life and still crib to get more while there are people who can’t even afford a 10 rupees meal. So if we can spare a small contribution from our side, this wouldn’t affect us for sure but will definitely change someone’s life, remarkably.
The boy, after finishing his full plate looked at me from far and gave me a beaming and satisfying smile worth a 10 million bucks and then happily disappeared in oblivion.

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